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Party Like A Pro

Mike Linder, Owner Of Event Effects Group and one-of-a-kind event venue Jet Runway Cafe located at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, has worked with everyone from international business tycoons to celebrities, throwing some of the swankiest high-profile events in South Florida.

Linder says transforming a space into an unforgettable party setting - be it your home or an empty airport hangar – is about color. For example, “gray is trending to be a hot color for the 2016 season," he says.

"Using a light neutral as a base really makes whatever color you choose pop. The trick is choosing a neutral that won't take away from your theme and doesn't clash. Think: black, white and beige."

Linder also stresses that lighting is crucial. "Be sure to ask your design team what type of lighting they plan on using ahead of time, so you can adjust your colors properly. For example, a yellow themed party with red lighting is going to take on more of a burnt-orange color than the yellow you originally chose in standard light."

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